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8 Myths about Hot Cross Buns - How many do you believe?

There have always been many strange stories around Hot Cross Buns, we’ve pulled together 8 popular myths, how many do you believe?

  • A common myth states that if you hang hot cross buns in your kitchen, their blessed cross will help protect you from evil spirits and prevent fires.
  • Many would say that Hot Cross Buns are too sacred to eat on any day other than Good Friday, at Christmas or at Funerals. In fact Queen Elizabeth I decreed that if you were found with Hot Cross Buns on any other day, you would have to give all of the ‘illegal’ goods to the poor.
  • If you share a hot cross bun with someone else whilst singing “Half for you and half for me, between us two shall goodwill be” then you’re supposedly going to be friends for the year,
  • If you hang a hot cross bun in your kitchen on Good Friday, then any bread you bake will rise perfectly and remain fresh throughout the entire year – perhaps we need to hang a few buns around the bakery!
  • An old myth states that Hot Cross Buns have healing powers. An old cure for the common cold was to mix gratings from a preserved Hot Cross Bun with water and drink it.
  • Some people believe in kissing the bun before eating it because it’s got a cross on it.
  • Another myth states that they protect against shipwrecks while at sea.
  • According to some, a Hot Cross Bun baked on Good Friday never goes mouldy. In fact, one family have are so certain of this, they still have one that was made in 1821. Claimed to be the oldest Hot Cross Bun in the UK, the 194 year old bun is kept in a box and still shows no sign of mould.*

We’re not sure how many of these we believe, but we do think these are the perfect treat for the Easter bank holiday weekend!!



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