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Celebrate National Afternoon Tea Week!

National Afternoon Tea Week is a celebration of one of Britain’s favorite traditions. Afternoon Tea can be celebrated in the comfort of your own home with home baked treats, or out and about on the balcony of a fancy hotel. We British, love the combination of both sweet and savory treats, accompanied by a traditional well brewed cup of tea.

Why not try our fruit scones this National Afternoon Tea Week?  Our deliciously light scones are made with real butter, plump sultanas, raisins and currants soaked in orange juice to give a rich and fruity taste. Best enjoyed with a dollop of strawberry jam, clotted cream and most importantly, with a cup of tea!

10 Facts about afternoon Tea!

  1. Scones are believed to have originated from Scotland.
  2. As a nation of tea drinkers, it is believed we drink 165 million cups of tea a day!
  3. Some people in Australia add pumpkin to the batter to make delicious pumpkin flavored scones.
  4. The English Oxford Dictionary says the term ‘scones’ used for the cake was first used in 1513.
  5. Traditionally, the upper-class had afternoon tea at 4 pm, just before everyone took their daily walk in Hyde Park.
  6. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of PG tips, Boodles jewelers created a diamond encrusted teabag work £7,000!
  7. Historically, milk is added to the cup first to protect the china.
  8. The afternoon tea tradition started in the 1800s by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford who began taking tea and a snack in her private boudoir in the afternoon to fill the long break between breakfast and dinner.
  9. Our yummy Village Bakery Scones are made with orange soaked fruit, real butter and buttermilk.
  10. The world’s biggest scone weighed in at a whopping 119.45kg was baked for seven hours in New Zealand by Shaun McCarthy.

Why not pick up a pack in store today and to celebrate national afternoon tea week?

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