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Our Impact on the Environment

Not only are we committed to providing our customers with premium baked products, we are determined to minimise our impact on the environment and have introduced a number of initiatives over the past few years to help achieve this goal.

Waste to Landfill

We have a policy that sees 0% waste going to landfill. Cardboard, paper and plastic are recycled, food waste is sent for animal feed and all remaining waste is collected and either recycled or converted into energy via our waste contractor. By working across the supply chain, we have been able to minimise our waste impact, at the supplier end we have identified new packaging formats that reduce waste whilst our work on shelf life extension has had a positive effect in minimizig waste

Energy and Water Consumption

We recognise the importance of our energy and water usage and the associated environmental impacts. We record all gas, electricity and water usage on a weekly basis and use the data as a base target for improving energy consumption the following year and to identify unexpected energy usage. We have taken a number of steps to reduce our energy consumption such as increased oven efficiency, sensor lighting, limiting the use of forced air cooling and synchronised digital gas burners. Through reducing water hose pressures we have also reduced our water consumption. In addition, staff are trained on the importance of turning off non-essential equipment and production managers are responsible for ensuring minimal energy consumption during silent hours. Our Wrexham site uses electricity from 100% renewable sources.

Carbon Footprint

Through our local sourcing policy, we are not only helping our local community by providing economic support, but are also benefiting the environment by reducing the food miles of our products. Our cycle scheme which encourages employees to cycle to work also helps reduce our overall impact on the environment.

 We are a supply chain member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil  (RSPO) showing our commitment to sustainable sourcing of palm oil throguhtout the supply chain. Read more here.

 Nature Reserve

The Village Bakery is planning to create a new nature reserve in the middle of one of the largest Industrial estates in the UK. Our plan is to breathe new life into the six acres of woodland to the rear of the Wrexham site. We have signed a partnership agreement with the North Wales Wildlife Trust and hope to have the nature reserve open to the public within three years.

The Wrexham Industrial estate is well known for wildlife and is home to a surprising number of species such as: great-crested newts, barn owls, water voles and even lapwings. Here at the Village Bakery, we believe that nature and business can happily co-exist. This exciting project will hopefully create an environmental haven in amongst the busy Industrial estate and demonstrate that we can have the best of both worlds. Find out more here.

Baking Academy & Innovation Centre

We've invested £4million into our new Baking Academy & Innovation Centre on Wrexham Industrial Estate to help train the next generation of bakers. The new building has been completed to a rating of 'excellent' under the BREEAM standards for sustainable buildings. Following in our dedication to be environmentally friendly, the new building makes use of panels made from recycled materials, rainwater harvesting, massive levels of insulation and features what we believe to be the biggest living wall in Wales.